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Me and Lucas back in the days

This was probably taken somewhere between 05 and 06

And that’s why my nickname is Hantaro (it’s actually with an ”m” – Hamtaro but, whatever, nobody cares)

I like to take pictures with my cellphone

Here are some random pics of it

100 miles and running

I’ve been skimming a lot more lately since the classes are almost done. And SkimBrasil’s photographer, driver, mentor and pratically handyman Andre Magarao has been shooting the sessions. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is from Ipanema.

This is from Vidigal (Sheraton beach)
Short Steps sider kinda working, its been a while since I caught it fun like this.

Back to Ipanema

Skuuurf is the new thing, get on it!

Party and bullshit

Parties are fun…

Reppin’ the boys at Alley Oop!

Skim friends

Throwing shakas everywhere

11-11-11 was, as I said on a previously post, pretty good. Before that I went to Itacoatiara in Niteroi and scored…big time

Your mama


has a place in my heart.


Matheus is a good skimmer too, better at editing, but terrible at finding songs to put in our videos, thats when I come in.

Here’s him, finding a tasty wave at Itacoatiara in 11/11/11, spooky.


Lucas is a good skimmer, too much stoked sometimes tho
This was taken at Itacoatiara, yesterday – 11/11/11 – apparently it was supposed to be a bad day, and a portal would suck you into another dimension…it turned out being pretty awesome after all.

Check it out Skimbrasil, everyday new pics, i kid you not.

Sometimes I eat shit

Who doesn’t?

Full sequence on Skimbrasil’s blog