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Chomper is coming to the Valley

TAC will be in the 408 soon!!!! We have new stickers, new shirt designs, and a Newport Beach skim contest in mid-October. The girls print will make the females in your life happy coming up on the holiday season. Sweatshirt (not manufactured in sweat-shops) are also on the way. More to come soon!!


Free Stickers!

If you live in Santa Cruz, Ca give our boys at SC Boardshop a visit and get some free TAC stickers. While you’re there pick up some fresh new TAC gear, and be sure and tell them how pumped you are about TAC being in their shop!


New san TAC ruz Tshirts are here!

Its only right that we as TAC show our roots, thats why we hooked up the sanTACruz shirts. TAC is Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz is TAC, so if you are a west-sider, grab the red….Blue for my boys on the east, and Black for us neutrals. check em out!