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RIP Adam Loero

So just over a week ago our good frien Adam Loero took his own life, it has been really tough for everyone to take in. Adam was a real standout individual, a truely awesome guy. One of the best skimboarders i know, and also one of the original tac riders. We all gathered up this past saturday and tried to get a skim session in memory as well as meet up with his family. We met up and shared stories of our boy, and just hung out. Afterwards, everyone header over to the newest TAC house for some drinks and a good time.

Good times playing some beer pong…

Our boy beers, no explanation necessary.

hey Danny!

Gah Gah Gah aka JJ….goofy as all…

Sorry Lance, to funny of a photo…

And of course the party isn’t complete without people like Jesse Helm passing out so we can put shit on him and take photos of it.