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TAC – A little flashback…

Im sure you did, but if you didn’t….have you seen him?
tac - animal chin
One of my all time favorite skate vids, and if you haven’t seen the search for animal chin, you know nothing!
the search for animal chin
I think i watched this vid like a billion times, and i kinda wanna take off early so i can watch it now! Notice Tony Hawk in pink, musta been about 15?
TAC- The search for animal chin
“The Ramp”
TAC - The Ramp
Gawd i love this movie!
TAC - the search for animal chin
Movies like this, is what has made skateboarding what it is today, and what memories it brings! Happy Thursday! ~TAC

TAC – More goodies

Here’s a rad video, check it! Get hyped for Memorial Day Weekend! ~TAC

TAC – Slammed! But still gettin stuff done!

Today has been hectic!!! So much happening! Anyways, my boy brad sent over this video and i just have to share it with yall, its really something else! Cigarette smoking toddler!? DUB TEE EFF?!! no joke, check it and say no to toddler’s chonging on cigs!!



TAC – Keep your head up…

in the clouds, that is…Really excited about all the new stuff happening around here. Lotsa planning and tons of decisions to be made. Wanted to do another sneak peak of one of the new hats thats on its way, get everyone hyped, not only for summer, but for big things happening in TAC land

tac - In the clouds

TAC – Fresh Fridays!

Its about time id say! I think ive missed like the last two or 3 fridays sketch’s, been super busy! Here’s this weeks TAC sketch!

TAC - Friday Fresh Sketch

TAC – Win some free TAC gear

Have something nice to say? We’d like to hear it. The best caption wins some Totally Awesome Crap (TAC, get it?)…usa only. Either email us here, or comment on our facebook page here

TAC - Caption Contest!

TAC – Tige Spring Wakesurf Festival

Big up to Joey Pasquali, taking second place this past weekend at the spring wakesurf festy. I was also trying to make it, but ive been hobbling around with a bunk ankle. Stoked for Joey, and also want to say congrats to his girl Bri Chmel for taking first in her division! Way to go! TAC out!

TAC - Joey Pasquali, 2nd place at the spring festival

TAC – Happy Monday!

Whats going on yall’s, monday is here again, and quite gloomy around here. Had a super eventful weekend, unfortunately the camera didn’t come with me for most of it. Did some sailing on friday, birthday parties on saturday and sunday, watched the San Jose Sharks loose the first game of the third round of playoffs 🙁 Did anyone go to the Bay to Breakers yesterday? send us some photos and we’ll post em if you did!

Here’s what i felt like this morningTAC - Sleeping with the fishes

And this is how i wish i feltTAC - on top!

Stay tuned for our weekend adventure photos! ~TAC


What up Sunday, hope all the sharks fans out there are catchin the game, we are currently at 1 to 0 Sharks. Check out the results here and have a killer sunday! ~TAC

TAC – Mario Sandoval is the man!

Mario our main skateboarder just recently broke his foot 🙁 But never fret, he is on his way back and we also have a killer new video, check this shit and his killer TAC shirt!