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TAC – Caption Contest!!!

So, we got some decent swell yesterday and came across this sweet photo of goon rider Cheyne Pearson, lofting one at the hook. Only thing is, look at his face!? just another awkward moment in time, so we decided to use it as an excuse to give away our newest shirt! So here’s the photo

Cheyne Pearson - TAC

Unfortunately for shipping purposes, we cant offer this contest outside of the US, UNLESS you choose to pay for your shipping! haha…Otherwise have at it, contest ends July 6th!!!!

TAC – Early Bird Gets the Worm!

So i just received our newest shirt, and its looking really good, stoked to be wearing some new threads. Since it goes hand in hand with the name of the shirt, we are gonna offer this shirt for 10 bucks today only! So go here and snag yours, otherwise price goes to $18.95 tomorrow (*USA ORDERS ONLY FOR PROMOTION!)

FrontTAC - Early Bird Gets the Worm

TAC - Early Bird Gets the Worm

TAC – New hat samples have arrived!

So pumped to get a package today, filled with none other than our newest addition. Haven’t completely decided on a actual name for it, but “up in the clouds” seems to fit?! Anyways, should have these up for order and purchase early August. The plan is to only make 144 of these badboys, so get em while they’re hot, cuz they’ll be gone soon! Ill keep everyone posted on pre-order!
TAC Apparel Company - Up In The Clouds

TAC Apparel Company - Up In The Clouds

TAC Apparel Company - Up In The Clouds

TAC Apparel Company - Up In The Clouds

TAC Apparel Company - Up In The Clouds

TAC Apparel Company - Up In The Clouds

TAC Apparel Company - Up In The Clouds

TAC – Headin out…and downsouth

Heading down the Laguna Beach, Ca this weekend for the Victoria Skimboards West Coast Championships. Its one of the biggest contest’s on the west coast and always brings a huge following, looking forward to hopefully getting off the waiting list and into a heat, ill keep everyone posted. If you are down and see us, say whats up, unfortunately we dont have a tent set up, but ill be sportin TAC in any way possible like usual. Check out the contest here

TAC – Lego surfers!

This is prolly one of the coolest vids i have seen in a long time! You have to watch this!


TAC – Fresh Friday Sketch…

Drawing up some hats for Alley Oop Skate & Skim over in Delaware, here’s one of em…
TAC - Pitted!

TAC – Grommet Crew

The grommet crew stopped by the other night, to hang, pick up some new gear, play some pong, you know…I mentioned we should set up the lights and take some photos, so we did, here are a couple…more to come.

From left to right Cole Chester, Zane Chester, and Cheyne Chester Pearson, oh and check out The Chesters here!
TAC - Grommet Crew

And cheynes face on this one is classic
TAC - Cheynes Face

TAC – Sent to press

Got a few items started today, finally…takes a lot of work. From designing the shirt, tweaking it, making sure all my friends like it, putting it in the right format for screening, ordering the shirts…the list goes on. Its a fun/tedious process, but i love it. Excited for all the newer designs to be put on thread, and in the works. If everything goes as planned, we should have everything up and in stores by the end of june/early july.

Early bird gets the worm:
TAC - Early bird gets the worm

Front detail:
TAC - Early bird gets the worm front detail

Back detail:
TAC - Early bird gets the worm back detail

Embroidered TAC zipup hoodie:(available with black embroidery also)
TAC - Embroidered Zipup Hoodie

Heres a closer look at the front:
TAC - Logo zipup hoodie

Back close up:
TAC - Logo zipup hoodie back close up

and if you didn’t see my earlier post of the hat, here you go:
TAC - Up in the clouds hat

Unfortunately we wont have the hats until early august, but they are worth the wait! really excited to see the samples when they come, ill be sure and post em up! Hope everyone likes the new goods!

TAC – Get the worm…

Its late, Im tired…
TAC - Get the worm

TAC – twitter

Im gonna be honest with you, i think twitter is really lame…Everytime I sign onto the fricken thing it tells me “oops, something is wrong”. We have had a TAC twitter going for about a year and a half or something, and the thing just doesn’t do anything for me. I really dont get it? Can someone please explain to me why we have a twitter? I would be pumped outta my mind to know…If you wanna follow us, check it out