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TAC – Tribute to our boy and main man Adam Loero, Senseless Skimfest!

The Senseless Skimfest took place this past weekend here in Santa Cruz, we had a great time, sold some tac gear, gave out some stuff, got in the water. Unfortunately the wind really picked up bigtime and caused some hectic conditions. Here are some photos, check it!

As you can see, very windy, Me (benk) loosing in the semi-finals 🙁TAC Apparel Company - Senseless Skimfest - Ben Koscielniak Air

Cameron battling the wind
TAC Apparel Company - Senseless Skimfest - Cameron Carothers

Everyone just straight up chillin
TAC Apparel Company - Senseless Skimfest - Group shot

Another windy shot, lil frontside action!
TAC Apparel Company - Senseless Skimfest -  Ben Koscielniak

Domino effect on all the boards, windy
TAC Apparel Company - Senseless Skimfest - Boards Fell

Nasty Nate Sportin his new TAC Gear!!! POW!
TAC Apparel Company - Senseless Skimfest - Nasty Nate Hart

And finally, packing up!
TAC Apparel Company - Senseless Skimfest - End of Day Group Shot

Congrats to all the team riders for skimming their hearts out, another successful Senseless! Thanks to everyone who showed their support for TAC, its what keeps us at it….Extra thanks to Hector and Brady from Ocean Native & also The Parola Family for putting on the contest!!!

TAC – 100th post and a bigspin on a surfboard?! who does that!?

So in about 7 months we have managed to bust out about 100 posts on this badboy, pretty crazy. Even better, i just found this vid and let me say wow, i mean this is prolly one of the coolest things i have ever seen on a surfboard:

TAC – Cloud hat special!!!

Today only! Buy our new “Up in the Clouds” hat and get the Early Bird shirt for FREE!!!

TAC APPAREL COMPANY - Cloud hat special

TAC – Drew brew and seagulls with cookies in their moufs.

Not only are we getting real, we also keep it fresh by updating this site with all sorts of goodies. Drew Cornwall hails from Florida and is one our newest featured artist’s. At 19, Drew has already created a name for himself and continues to push the limits by always trying new stuff and staying open what life throws at him. I have no doubt that some day Drew will be ruling the world with his art, in the meantime he will just make us look better. yea Drew! TAC!

TAC Apparel Company - Drew Cornwall new tac artist!

TAC – We Make Deals Pop, Like Your Collar.

I am really stoked, really stoked. Got the hats today, took some photos, got some waves…yada yada. Anyways, im so stoked that im going to give away some free hats. Thats right, FREE HATSS!!! POW!!! Buy our new zip up hoodie & the Early Bird Tee and receive our newest hat, FOR FREE!!!! YES!!!!! Click here, and make magic happen

TAC - Early Bird Special!!!

TAC – Fresh Friday of the 13th

Its been wayyyy tooo long since ive done a FFS (fresh friday sketch), so here you go:tac

TAC – Freaky Friday the 13th!!!

Recently i came across the garbage pail kids for the first time since i was little, and i did a blog post a couple few months ago featuring some of em. Well, im back at it, these things are just too awesome…im not sure whats better, the names they come up with or the artwork. Either way, i realize they are not for some people, but i think they are awesome, which is why, yes im doing yet another post of some killer GPK, and its friday the 13th!!! Enjoy!!!

Roll on Rob

Barf Band Ben

Barf Bag Brad


a little vid by skim shady of some of our very own, TAC!

TAC – Couple new hats…

Ive been working on a bunch of new stuff as always, and after receiving the samples of our Cloud Hat we were really stoked on the quality and how they turned out. So now im on the war path to come up with some new fresh design’s. I decided to give everyone a small peak at a couple of em. More details than whats seen, but you’ll get the idea! hope you like!

TAC Apparel Company - Sneak peak at our new hats!

TAC – Craigs Brother Show, Finally!!!

Its about time our boys Craigs Brother are playing a show. They have been hard at work creating a new album and they are finally ready to give us some preview! Check it out this friday locally here in Santa Cruz at the Blue Lagoon!

Craigs Brother Show at the Blue Lagoon