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TAC – Here’s to catching up and thanksgiving weekend, oh, and SF

Today is Cyber monday, so you better be buying up some gear, we are offering our biggest sale of the year, and im really stoked about it….!

On another note, TAC Joe bought this killer new boat that he lives on up in sausalito, so Nasty knate and I took a little trip up there to hang out, drink some beer and do our thang. I tried to snag some photos to share with yall!

Yep, here’s Nate with some good ol PBR, like ive said, we dont mess around.TAC - KNasty Knate!

Tug boats are seriously the radest things ever

This was someones house aparently, it was located at the end of the dock and didn’t consist of a boat, or motor that i could tell. Confused.
tac-weird house

This is Joe’s neighbor

tac- joes neighbor

Joey man-ing the wheel!
TAC - Capn Joe!

and whats a trip without at least one photo of myself, oh look, is that a new TAC hat???!!!

And finally some real eye candy, man i love the city!!!!
TAC - Golden Gate~TAC

TAC – Nate Linford, just killing it….

Recently I met this kid Nate Linford, he is 18 and really has a knack for the skateboard, and i mean really. Seeing that he is so damn good, we decided to pick him up as a team rider….still working out the details, but you cant count on seeing more of him and tac teaming up. Check out this new vid:


TAC – Black Friday Special!

If you didn’t know, we are running our biggest web sale ever! 25% Off everything (Prices are already adjusted, no coupon necessary) in our online store, then get FREE SHIPPING!!* Get on it, this only last’s till monday night at 11:59 pm pst.

TAC Apparel - Black Friday Special!!! 25% Off Everything!!! FREE SHIPPING!!!!

*FREE SHIPPING only valid in the 48 contiguous US states. Prices are already adjusted, no coupon necessary.

TAC – Thanksgiving weekend, black friday, etc.

Bloggin has been a bit slow these last couple weeks and for that, i appologize. But! I am happy to say, this is the first year we will be running Black Friday specials as well as a Thanksgiving Day Sale! Thats right, starting tomorrow for one day we will be offering 25% Off Site wide with FREE Shipping on US orders only. This is THE BIGGEST TAC Sale ever, so dont hesitate!

Almost time for some frosty beer and good game of scrabble

TAC Apparel Company - Thanksgiving Weekend Specials

TAC – Gentlemen of Japan, again.

So in reference to a previous post, The Gentlemen of Japan will be playing their CD release party the day after Thanksgiving…They will be playing with the Huxtables and the Cryptics. Check it out, sure to be a good show….I know you dont have anything going on the next day, so dont act like it! support your local scene!

Gentlemen of Japan - TAC


TAC – Friday is here, and its Killer!

Have you stepped outside? Today is a beautiful day here in santa cruz county, just lovin it! Our boys Craigs Brother played a show last weekend in Ventura @ Zoeys Cafe, unfortunately i wasn’t able to make it…Sure enough, they had a live stream! Check it out, its still up! (Fast forward to 1:40:00!!!!) Enjoy!

TAC – Here’s to TACky Tuesday’s!

Super TACky, or it could be tasty tuesday? Either way, watch this video, pretty sketchy sail boat harbor entrance!

TAC – Wow

I dont really know what to say about this, but this grom is Effffing killing it!!!!