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TAC – Monikape

unfortunately we weren’t able to meet up with Keith in time to get him fitted for this vid, but check out the Santa Cruz’s own “Monikape” throwing it down. POW!

TAC – Monday is here, once again…

Hows everyone doing out there? Another week gone by, and toast to a new one…There is some good swell in santa cruz today, get out there if you can! Lots going on here this week, finishing up designs, sending out orders, keeping yall updated, taxes, all kinds of fun stuff.

A couple things that you should know, 1) Our newest SF chomper hat went on pre-sale last week for 10 bucks under the retail price, get on it. 2) I think everyone is going to love the new stuff. 3) Stay tuned for our HUGE sample sale coming up in santa cruz.

Here are some nuggets for you to enjoy – Nate Linford, truck stop!
TAC Apparel - Yea Nate!

Guilherme busting a lil flip action and taking 2nd in a recent brazilian skim comp, go Guilherme!
TAC guilherme Flip

TAC Apparel - Guilherme

TAC – Tarp Surfing can get hectic….

My good friend Guerin Myall is a great photograher, his sequence was used in our most recent ad….He is also a pretty funny dude, check out this video he made about his Tarp Surfing incident, funniest video i have seen in a long time.

Holy smokes, check out this killer portrait

TAC – SF Chomp PRE-Order Sale! POW!

Yesterday I got word on my delivery date for the new Chomper hats, I am very excited, Ive been having to keep this all to myself for months now, stoked i finally get to share with yall!

So here’s the details, if you pre-order the hat now, you can pick it up for $10 off ($18.99, reg. $28.99) the retail selling price! Yes a fitted cap for under $20!!! SEcondly, there are only 72 hats of each colorway. Do not delay, this deal and this hat WILL NOT last!

TAC - SF Chomper

TAC Chomper in blue

The infamous, underbill.TAC Underbill

2nd place and new video

Guilherme in 2nd

I got second place on the last contest held in Rio at Macumba beach.

Also, check it out the newest minimovie from Zona Skim:

TAC – Happy Hump!

What up yalls, stoked to say that are putting our new SF Chomper hats on pre-sale today! YES!!!

My friends call me BK, or Broiler, i thought this was pretty funny
TAC - BK have it your way!
Thats it for now, more details on Pre-Sale coming!

Yeew, one week 1000 views…share this little nugget

This is the welcoming video I’ve made for TAC’s website about a week ago when I was officially added to the team.
Check it out:

TAC – Mavs victim…

Did you guys hear about the dude who nearly drowned on Saturday? Just another reason to count your blessings. I guess this particular day at Mavs was relatively small, 10-15 ft. sets, Ken “Skindog” Collins stated that “if you were a begginer this was the perfect day for you to come out”. Around high noon a rogue 25 ft set came through and just washed over everyone. Making your only resort be to ditch your board and dive. Check the video here:

Mavericks 21/1/11 from Surfing Life on Vimeo.

I just heard that the surfer Jacob Trette has woken up from a coma, my prayers are with him and his family as he barely gets by on this one.

First post

First of all, we have to establish some things first…

My name is Guilherme Pestana Vaz and I am the newest team rider of TAC Apparel Company.
I’m from Brazil, and as the opposite of many of you might think, no, i don’t like soccer, or samba although I enjoy Carnival because we have a nice whole week without class and big public parties at the edge of the beaches (they’re called ”blocos de carnaval”).

I’ll try to uptade this with some daily dose of radness, with pics, videos and music.

Back to the things I like: skimboarding, skurfing (yes, this is my f***ing blog so I will say skurfing instead of skim surfing or whatever you call it), small bikinis, rice and beans, air conditioning, and skate
I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Thrasher Magazine, a skate mag. I am a big fan of them, and their ”’King of the Road’ series…here’s the latest episode of it:

I think this is good enough for the first post…contest uptade tomorrow.

oh, this is my favorite TAC shirt
TAC - Early bird

TAC – Jack Flip!

Should have some more photos of our photo shoot on saturday, but check out this new wallpaper i made! Enjoy! (DOWNLOAD HERE!!)

TAC Apparel Company - Nate Linfor Jack Flip