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Not too much going on, bad waves and shitty weather. So I will just post pics that Ive found it interesting on the internet, if you dont…well, you cant do anything about it.

Sununga Locals

This is what you will see if you go to Sununga on a good day, groms ripping it.


old pictures

from 2008, at vidigal beach – rio de janeiro… I miss these times, fuck school.


TAC – Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Stay safe and have a great one! yewwwww!


Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in Japan and anyone else affected by these giGANtic earthquakes we just had. Locally here in Santa Cruz, nearly 6,000 miles away, were hit by a relentless set of tsunami surges throughout the entire day yesterday. TAC’s own Luke Felix was there to catch some of the events, check it!

And heres some more from our good bud and photographer, Guerin Myall:

Little treats

Lucas Gomes aka Caco filmed this clip from Macumba Sider…i think if it wasnt for the Dude! Cruise I wouldnt catch it

And a couple of pics from my recent trip to Espirito Santo for the Red Bull Hard Skimming contest

Heres the video of the contest:

New trick

Lilttle clip from today, from an air ive been trying a while…

ps-Thanks to my friend Carlo Renner for filming it.


TAC – Stayin’ up late and gettin ish done…

You ever have those nights were you just need to stay up a bit later and get shit done? I do, quite frequently these days, lots of stuff always going on, I think its what really makes my blood flow. ANyways, as i was staying up working on some digital artwork, i busted out this lil wallpaper/rendition of a photo my boy and team rider Nate Linford sent over. The kid is just on a non stop rampage, its awesome, check it. Oh, and ladies, email me for his address, he still needs lotsa lovin’, ankle is still up.
TAC Apparel Company - Nate Linford is our boy blue!

TAC – More iPhone bs….

You may already know this, but you if you have and iPhone you can add TAC to your home screen-which is just one more way to spice up your phone with some fresh TAC graphics. Check it out.

TAC Apparel Company - iPhone customs

Up close and personal, pretty sweet eh?TAC Apparel Company - iPhone

Just navigate to in safari on your iPhone, click on the little box/arrow deal and “Add to home screen”, pretty basic. Now you can stay updated on the fly!TAC Apparel Company - iPhone Homescreen

Im hoping to get some sort of a TAC iPhone app going sooner than later, so keep an eye out!!


Thats whats up in Rio de Janeiro right now

It has its ups and downs tho