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TAC – Raffle time!

Custom hats and other TAC gear ready to be raffled off, ONLY 99 Raffle tickets!! Come down to Santa Cruz Skate & Surf this weekend for TAC’s Memorial Day Sale! Yeww!
TAC Apparel Memorial Day Sale

YOU could win this custom drawn TAC Apparel Hat!
YOU could win this custom drawn TAC Apparel Hat!


Good old pics…and some new ones.

My first pic in Foreverskim, I was so stoked hah

And a couple new ones:

Do not forget to check daily for new photographs.

TAC – Up to 50% Off All TAC Gear!!!

Happy Memorial Day! Stoked its nearly summer, the sunshine has been upon us. Lets kick off another killer summer with some great deals from TAC! We will be posted up at Santa Cruz Skate & Surf all weekend long hooking you up with some rad deals. $10 Tees, $15 Hats & $25 Hoodies. We need to make room for the new line, so come and pick up some new clothes and hang out. I will personally be sitting at a table working up some custom drawn hats which will be given away. BUY 1 TAC ITEM, GET 1 RAFFLE TICKET! We will raffle off all the hats i draw at the end of the weekend. Come and stop by! Yewww!
TAC Apparel Company Memorial Day Sale!


Some grabs. Yes I like sometimes doing them OTB’s, they’re fun.


TAC – Bernie has been added, yep.

Finally got Bernie up on the site, super stoked to have him on the team. YEwwwwww
TAC Apparel Company - Bryan Lake



This past Saturday I was photographing a skate event in Santa Cruz. Skate and Rock. Pretty sweet. It was an event that benefited Grind Out Hunger, a non-profit that focuses on using skateboarding to encourage kids to fight child hunger. The event raised 1000 pounds of food. Awesome

TAC team riders Cole Kerby and Cheyne Pearson showed up to the event to show off their stuff.

I snapped pics.
All was good.

Keep it real. Always.


Team Rider Cheyne Pearson

Team Rider Cheyne Pearson

Team Rider Cole Kerby

Team Rider Cole Kerby

TAC – Word up to my mom and all moms…

Happy Moms Day to all the mothers out there, hope everyone is having a killer day out there…make sure and give your mom a hug!

When i cant really think of what to draw, sometimes, i’ll just scribble.
TAC Scratch!

TAC – We put up stickers the other day

Went for a little cruz around town, dropped some stickers here and there.

TAC Apparel Company - Stickers!

Heres how you apply one of our stickers: pick a spotTAC Skate Clothing - Sticker how to

ApplyTAC We Skateboard

Bounce.TAC Stickers are fun to put up

The MayorTAC We are the MayorsWord up, TAC!


For this GOPF, Im gonna post a few skurf pics.
I hate fins, i hate surfboards they feel like boats for me…anyways here they are:

And here is a photo of one of Skimbrasil‘s latest session. It was a nice sunny day at Arpoador beach. Keep checking for the daily updates with radical pics.

Check back in a few days, I will post a preview of some footages that will go into our next video.
– Guilherme


Thats all I have to say.

I am stoked.

Sunday May 1st was birthday, and Neptune blessed me and the rest of the skimbrasil crew among with some Itacoatiara local skimmers with some of best days that I have ridden and seen at that spot. Heres a brief preview of this day(remember that this one is a leftover):

PS- Check for daily updates (this session will be posted soon).
Im sorry for not doing it a GOPF last friday…i will make it up to you.