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Hey everyone!

I snapped some photos of a few of out team riders this past weekend at a SkateJam put on in Santa Cruz to benefit Grind Out Hunger. Team riders included Nate Linford, Cheyne Pearson, and our newest addition, Gueorgui Gueorguiev. During my photo editing process I really wasnt diggin’ the colors in the photos, so I decided to go black and white.

The photos have a nice vibe to them now.
Dont think so? See if i care…

Welcome our newest team rider, Gueorgui Gueorguiev! Skate on, buddy!

Keep it real,


Team Rider Cheyne Pearson
Team Rider, Cheyne Pearson

Newest TAC Team Rider, Gueorgui Gueorguiev

Newest TAC Team Rider, Gueorgui Gueorguiev

Team Rider, Nate Linford

Team Rider, Nate Linford


Suup. Just giving it an update of the conditions of the waves from bikini land. These ones are all recent.
This was the last session that I did with Lucas Finks’ Dude! Cruise.

Cause know I have my own Dude! Cruise…it comes with a TAC art. And I already caught the best skurf session of my life with it, it looked like that one spot in sanTACruz, rockies.
Here’s a sequence of my first session with the baby…I’ve been rocking it with no arch.


TAC – Chomp n’ bones!

Check out these killer new samples that came today, dont wanna keep giving away all of our secrets, but these are just too cool not to share. I post some more detailed photos soon.

TAC Apparel Company - TAC Chomp n' bones hats

TAC – Santa Cruz Skimmin’ and YAY to Summer!

Stoked summer is finally here….although, if its anything like last year, im over it. Beaches and south swells are really shaping up, and with the rad weather, comes new footy and photos….check out another video by jackie and keep it real out there, yeww!


yeew, check that big TAC art in there.


TAC – 200th Post, Holy F@$Kn’ Smokes!

Yo, here’s a little random Fresh Friday Sketch, back from the dead. Yeww!
TAC Appare Company is the sickest shit around, get real!