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Underwater bar fight

So rad

Almost there

Everyone should try to spend a few days in Rio while its Carnaval is happening. It’s pretty damn fun, can’t wait til’ next year.
Carnaval happens between late January and late February, almost every day.

This was taken by my friend Bruno Machado. It has the essence of it, sun, blue sky, people jumping around, some wasted, some about to…but most important, everyone having a good time. To see more pics of Carnaval click HERE

TAC – Home sick and Pops is down for the count

Had some very troublesome news yesterday, my Dad who is healthier than ever had a small stroke, on top of that, im sick. Life seems to get the best of ya sometimes, but im really happy to know my dad is still alive and will eventually be getting better.

On a better note, i went and shot some photos for my boys Nate Linford, Aaron Wical and Gueorgui Gueorguiev at the SC Shop on saturday, here is one of a ton of sequences i got, take a peek:

TAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

Aaron Wical wearing one of his newest TAC ShirtsTAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

our boy Gueorgui…TAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

Ian bonelessTAC Gueorgui

Aaron was trying this weird little transfer from the the lower half of the ramp the extensionTAC Aaron

Aaron waving at Gueorgui…TAC Aaron

Ian Walker, getting in there…TAC Ian

Ian saying something, who knows????TAC Ian

100 miles and running

I’ve been skimming a lot more lately since the classes are almost done. And SkimBrasil’s photographer, driver, mentor and pratically handyman Andre Magarao has been shooting the sessions. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is from Ipanema.

This is from Vidigal (Sheraton beach)
Short Steps sider kinda working, its been a while since I caught it fun like this.

Back to Ipanema

Skuuurf is the new thing, get on it!

TAC – New stuff in SC Skate & Surf

Head on into SC Skate & Surf and pick up some of our newest stuff!


…and Zane being our Vanna White…

TAC Zane Keith Vanna White

Go pick up our newest zip up hoodie
TAC Zip Up Hoodie

TAC Zip Up Hoodie

Lucas Gomes’s Favourite Picks !

Alright guys, thinking of how hard it would be for you to choose what to get from the shop, because TODAY IS THE DAY (SO GET ON IT !!), I did a little list of my favourite picks to make things a little bit easier for you all !!! 🙂

#1The Royal Chomper !
Ok, this is for real. I don’t even have this yet and, if I were you, I would get on this before someone else does. I love the chomper design and this color is just so fresh and fits me so well. Remember to leave me one and we’re cool ;).

#2Early bird gets the worm !
That is probably one of my favourite tees EVER. It’s so simple, yet so sick. It pretty much goes with anything. You can rock this at the beach, at the skatepark, or at night at a party. And trust me, you will be looking good. If you ever come to Rio, you will see me wearing this on the daily.

This hat … is definitely the sickest hat I’ve ever seen, and it’s very handy. Whether I just woke up and my hair looks shitty or I’m going out to a party and want to look good, this is always my first choice. The orange one is my favourite but you can always go with the blue one, and trust me: The orange pops from miles away. It’s amazing. So rad. Get on it !

It’s Black Friday folks … so GET STOKED !!!


I dont really need to say anything else, 50% Off Everything we got, TODAY ONLY!!!!

Use code “BLACK” at checkout.

TAC – HOT Off the press, new shirt & crewneck sweatshirt

Yep, you heard it right, here is a sneak preview of a design that will be availble later today (Thanksgiving Day), here on our online store. We will start by offering this design on a 100% Cotton heather grey tee and a charcoal grey crewneck sweatshirt, yeeehaw! Check it out!

TAC Varsity

Party and bullshit

Parties are fun…

Reppin’ the boys at Alley Oop!

Skim friends

Throwing shakas everywhere

11-11-11 was, as I said on a previously post, pretty good. Before that I went to Itacoatiara in Niteroi and scored…big time

TAC – Davenport and the groms skatin’ bigtime.

Went on a little mission today to get some shots of team riders Aaron Wical and Gueorgui Gueorgueiv. I took them down to the SC jetty and then we ventured over the hills and through the woods to davenport. Got a couple good ones, posted a killer new wallpaper edit, take a peek.

TAC Aaron Wical

Gueorgui Gueorguiev Blunt
TAC Gueorgui Gueorguiev skating Davenport California

We didn’t get too many shots at the jetty, but this one was looking pretty sick, Aaron Wical frontside shuv
TAC Aaron Wical

TAC Aaron Wical Davenport