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Bumper stickers I wish my dad had.

TAC – New sketchbook, yay.

Typically whenever im buying Christmas presents I always end up finding stuff i want to buy for myself. This is a perfect example of that, my sister is attending the Academy of Art in SF, so i figured, you cant go wrong with art supplies. Within about 30 seconds of entering Palace Art here in SC, sure enough, I see a stack of sketchbooks on sale, bam, mine. So then of course, i had to also draw in that badboy, check it! Happy Holidays!

TAC Apparel Company Third Ave Crew Sketch

Happy Holidays!

We want to wish everyone out there a very happy holidays!
TAC Happy Holidays!

Its been another great year building our brand and makin tons of new stuff, lookin’ forward to what 2012 has to offer, and as always, just know that without you guys none of this would be possible, and we appreciate everyone of our supporters out there!

Just want to give everyone a heads up, we are nearly sold out on a couple limited time shirts. Once they are gone, they wont be back, so get on it.

Time to Hunt, only 2 XL’s left!
TAC Apparel Company - Time to Hunt by Derek Makekau

The Pied Crow is one of our original shirts, we have a few left, get em while they are still here
TAC Pied Crow

Merry Christmas !! / Prom !!

So, I’ve been working a lot this month and haven’t been able to skim as much as I want to.
In the meantime, something epic happened… My prom !!!!! It was a lot of fun seeing all of my buddies from school and just messing around. Here are a few picures of me having a good time !

The toast !!
TAC post 5

Acting like a goon, hahaha !!
TAC post 5

And having a blast with my buddy !!!
TAC post 5

YEEEWWWWWWW !!!!!! Having a great time and having fun, THAT’S WHAT’S UP !!!!!!


Some gringas

TAC – Rasta Cruz….

Put in another solid session on the screenpress and busted these badboys out today, stoked to have instant gratification, its like no other. These shirts were really fun to screen, we actually just used one screen but blended the colors together creating a sweet effect. Im more than happy with the outcome, and better yet, each one is completely different from the last one. Hope you like, pick one up now before they are gondee….yew!

TAC Apparel Company Rasta Cruz Tshirts

As you can see, some even look like this…
TAC Apparel Company Rasta Cruz Back

TAC – Joey Pasquali, America’s Cup poster boy…

Team rider and TAC Family Joey Pasquali has been working with the America’s Cup over the last 6 months or so and they have deemed him one of their poster boy’s, check out this video of Joe talkin’ about his experience with the America’s Cup. Yewwww!

Me and Lucas back in the days

This was probably taken somewhere between 05 and 06

And that’s why my nickname is Hantaro (it’s actually with an ”m” – Hamtaro but, whatever, nobody cares)

My future ex-wife

I like to take pictures with my cellphone

Here are some random pics of it