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TAC – My Little Broham

I had a couple small sizes of the Squid shirt and the Thumb TAC, literally the last ones, and i figured who better to wear them than my little brother. Similar to me, he is a real piece of work, see what i mean?

TAC Apparel Childrens Clothing

TAC Apparel Company Jacob

TAC Apparel Company

TAC – Bloggin’ like Craaaazay.

9 more blogs and we’ll have posted 3 hundy, pretty cool! One of my favorite bands, Thrice, has announced a farwell tour. Best part about that, is they are playing a gig at the Catalyst here in Santa Cruz. Seen em play there before, they are really good. Check out this newer video they did for Red Bull:

TAC – Friday Fresh Sketch a day or two late…

Drew this up friday on my note pad, thinking this one is def going on a shirt, stay tuned.

TAC Apparel Company - Friday Fresh Sketch


Raddest day yet


TAC – Hats and Paint.

If you are an artist, or try to be like me, you probably have a little routine, or maybe just a certain mood you have to be in to draw. For me, one of my favorite things to do on the weekends, is to wake up, get some coffee, crank the tunes, and draw. Sometimes, the day will literally fly by, all of a sudden its almost dark, and ive been sitting around drawing all day. If I ended up with something cool, I dont mind, but typically, i like to be more active, so i feel a bit unproductive.

Anyways, this weekend, I not only broke out for my first very unsuccessful surf session, and I drew a few hats, stoked on the turn out, take a look. Ill have these hats up for sale as soon as I take some good photos…

TAC Apparel Company - Paint Pen Time

TAC Apparel Company - Custom Hats drawn by Ben Koscielniak

TAC Apparel Company - Custom Hats drawn by Ben Koscielniak

TAC Apparel Company - Custom Hats drawn by Ben Koscielniak

TAC Apparel Company - Custom Hats drawn by Ben Koscielniak


Couple of pics from the beggining of carnaval at Rio de Janeiro…check back later for more


Just some pics and whatnot

Still summer down here

Not keen with black flag songs (unless ”Wasted” which is rad), but other than that…agreed

Honesty –



Ive been trying to meet up with Keith “MONIKAPE” Squires for awhile now. He had hit me up and wanted to get some TAC support, and we were quick to oblige. Keith and I have been friends for years, and ive always been super stoked on his progression with his music. Just last week he played a gig with his good buddy and recent “X Factor” wonder boy Chris Rene, I was more than pumped to get the MONIKAPE in a TAC shirt for the show, check him out in his Royal Chomper shirt! YEW!, YEA MONIKAPE!!

TAC Monikape!
TAC Monikape and Chris Rene
TAC Keith
Monikape rockin the Royal Chomper!
TAC Chris Rene and Monikape
TAC Monikape and Chris Rene