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TAC – Gueorgui Gueorguiev

Gueorgui Gueorguiev, doing some night skating….

TAC - Gueorgui Gueorguiev - night skating

TAC – Day trip to Big Sur, yew!

Ive been wanting to hit up a camping trip at Big Sur for quite some time, but for whatever reason haven’t managed to do it. None the less I decided to take a day trip down there instead and take some photos. We had a killer time and even found a new little brewery to grab a pint.

I always need my fix of a large coffee in the am
TAC Apparel Company - Large Coffee please!

The drive….
TAC Apparel Company - The drive

Gotta love the two rad bridges in Big Sur, built in 1932
TAC Apparel Company - Rocky Creek Bridge

TAC Apparel Company - Bixby Bridge

TAC Apparel Company - Bixby Bridge

Not sure on the name of this break, but its rad left and there were a decent amount of dudes out
TAC Apparel Company - Surf Break

TAC Apparel Company - Barrel Sequence

Saw a ton of these guys
TAC Apparel Company - Hawk

TAC Apparel Company - Hawk

The McWay Waterfalls are pretty sweet, you had to walk through this rad tunnel to get to the lookout.
TAC Apparel Company - McWay Waterfall

TAC Apparel Company - Ben & Lisa

and the cove with the waterfall
TAC Apparel Company - McWay Waterfall

TAC – Step aside rest-of-world, make room for Santa Cruz, POW!

Im honestly just baffled these days at how many incredibly talented people are coming out of Santa Cruz. Its insane, we are fuckin’ taking over! As we should! Check out what SC has to offer today:

Sylence & Ariginal (Brand Spanking New Video!):

Cruzmatik & J-Willz:

Monikape always flowin’ and reppin’ TAC, like a pimp.

Lets not forget TAC’s own “Lt.D” just shreding the turn tables on the reg:

Last but not least, Chris Rene’s new single:

TAC – Wouldja look at this!?

WOuldja just look at this?