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TAC – FLEX!!!!

My main man Flex has been over in effing bummmf@#k, somewhere in the middle east working his ass off for us. I’m always amused by his FB posts, Its fun staying in his loop of the world. Anyways, enough bs, he just posted this photo and I thought it was very appropriate to post here:

“Our “goodbye” to Zabul Provence”TAC FLEX

TAC – Gettin’ a skim sesh in….

So stoked to be back in the water, been about a month or so of actually trying to skimboard again. Bailed outta work for a long lunch and found some waves, here is a cool shot my mom got of me:

TAC - Ben Koscielniak skimboarding

TAC – Blessed

My good buddy Brad sent me this link to this super crazy story, well worth the watch:

Part One

Part Two

TAC – Gettin’ my legs back

Its been one hell of a year for me with this whole breaking of my leg and dislocating my ankle. I was literally on the couch for a good 4-6 months, 2 surgeries, and about 20 xtra Lbs, like I said, its been rough. As I have had a lot of time to reflect, complain, be bummed, depressed and all of the above, something that stands out to me is, just be thankful for everything you have, no matter what it is. Try not to complain about anything, and be happy with where you are in life. I think if anything at all, I can take all of this as a learning experience and just be happy that I can actually drop my board and run after it again, something I honestly thought I would never do again. Thanks be to God and to all my family and friends for helping me through these rough times, and prepare us all for more.

Photo Credit: Dusty Wood, thanks for sending this over dude!

TAC - Ben Koscielniak Skimboarding 3rd ave beach