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TAC – Have you seen him?

TAC Apparel Company - Have you seen him?


Little does everyone know, and some might not care, but we do. Austin Bleiweiss, joined the TAC clan this year, and for the time being I gave him some stuff to hold him over until we go big again. I have known Austin for just about 10 or so years, he reigns from Naples FL, where the gulf is wide and the waves are thin. Recently, Austin has taken quite a fancy to Kite Boarding, much like team goons Joey Pasquali and Brian Lake… Here he is given a new kite race board, where he is also sporting his chomper shirt. Yew Austin Broseph!

TAC – Josh Mulcoy

Long ago when I was a wee lad, before TAC was even thought of, Josh Mulcoy and some of my other fav santa cruz athletes were paving the way for the next generations to come. Surfing, skimming and whatever else in the midtown. I think I have actually only met Josh once, but he is definitely one of the best most fluid surfers to come outta santa cruz. Im pretty sure the guy is super into Kite Boarding too? Anyways, checkout Josh’s new intersection vid, pretty rad: