TAC – Painting all weekend makes it seem like you had no weekend at all…

Posted By: Ben

| December 13th, 2010

Me and my new roomate are repainting the inside of our place, its looking real good, we are very proud…..But its fricken taking forever! I am just straight up burnt out! So good ol Monday is here once again, another day another dolla, Christmas is almost here, are you ready? FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS, take advantage! I mean, why wouldn’t you? feel free to contact and tell me if there is a reason im not seeing.

Here is a little collection of some random found photos, enjoy a little photo picinic…

You ever watch pulp fiction?
tac pulp fiction

No messin around here@! haha…!!!

This thing has a chevy 5.7L in it, no joking around!

Heres a little vid our friend Jackie sent into Exile Skimboards for some crazy facebook contest, its me throwin up some diddies….or just a bunch of water.

What a bunch of tards! HAHAHA!

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