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Posted By: guilherme

| January 24th, 2011

First of all, we have to establish some things first…

My name is Guilherme Pestana Vaz and I am the newest team rider of TAC Apparel Company.
I’m from Brazil, and as the opposite of many of you might think, no, i don’t like soccer, or samba although I enjoy Carnival because we have a nice whole week without class and big public parties at the edge of the beaches (they’re called ”blocos de carnaval”).

I’ll try to uptade this with some daily dose of radness, with pics, videos and music.

Back to the things I like: skimboarding, skurfing (yes, this is my f***ing blog so I will say skurfing instead of skim surfing or whatever you call it), small bikinis, rice and beans, air conditioning, and skate
I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Thrasher Magazine, a skate mag. I am a big fan of them, and their ”’King of the Road’ series…here’s the latest episode of it:

I think this is good enough for the first post…contest uptade tomorrow.

oh, this is my favorite TAC shirt
TAC - Early bird

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