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TAC – Home sick and Pops is down for the count

Had some very troublesome news yesterday, my Dad who is healthier than ever had a small stroke, on top of that, im sick. Life seems to get the best of ya sometimes, but im really happy to know my dad is still alive and will eventually be getting better.

On a better note, i went and shot some photos for my boys Nate Linford, Aaron Wical and Gueorgui Gueorguiev at the SC Shop on saturday, here is one of a ton of sequences i got, take a peek:

TAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

Aaron Wical wearing one of his newest TAC ShirtsTAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

our boy Gueorgui…TAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

Ian bonelessTAC Gueorgui

Aaron was trying this weird little transfer from the the lower half of the ramp the extensionTAC Aaron

Aaron waving at Gueorgui…TAC Aaron

Ian Walker, getting in there…TAC Ian

Ian saying something, who knows????TAC Ian