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TAC – Rasta Cruz….

Put in another solid session on the screenpress and busted these badboys out today, stoked to have instant gratification, its like no other. These shirts were really fun to screen, we actually just used one screen but blended the colors together creating a sweet effect. Im more than happy with the outcome, and better yet, each one is completely different from the last one. Hope you like, pick one up now before they are gondee….yew!

TAC Apparel Company Rasta Cruz Tshirts

As you can see, some even look like this…
TAC Apparel Company Rasta Cruz Back

TAC – Home sick and Pops is down for the count

Had some very troublesome news yesterday, my Dad who is healthier than ever had a small stroke, on top of that, im sick. Life seems to get the best of ya sometimes, but im really happy to know my dad is still alive and will eventually be getting better.

On a better note, i went and shot some photos for my boys Nate Linford, Aaron Wical and Gueorgui Gueorguiev at the SC Shop on saturday, here is one of a ton of sequences i got, take a peek:

TAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

Aaron Wical wearing one of his newest TAC ShirtsTAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

our boy Gueorgui…TAC Nate Linfor Ramp Sequence

Ian bonelessTAC Gueorgui

Aaron was trying this weird little transfer from the the lower half of the ramp the extensionTAC Aaron

Aaron waving at Gueorgui…TAC Aaron

Ian Walker, getting in there…TAC Ian

Ian saying something, who knows????TAC Ian

TAC Bud Freitas, the Budster…

Shit, superrr stoked and honored to add local Santa Cruz Professional Surfer, Bud Freitas to the team. Bud has been a big name in town for quite awhile and we’ve had our eye on him for quite some time, he brings attitude and good ol’ power surfing to the table. Bud is a good guy and we are proud to move him to the top of the list apart of our surf team, please welcome Professional Surfer Bud Freitas to the TAC team.

Clearly Bud is stachin’ it up, like a true american would

Yeeewww ! What’s up everyone ??

Hey there everyone ! Welcome to my blog on Tac apparel !!

caco post 1

My name is Lucas Gomes and I’m also known as “Caco”. I’m a skimmer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Wonderland) and I am sponsored by Exile Skimboards, Tac Apparel, EOS and Alley Oop. I am a very stoked person, not only on skimboarding, but also on life. Here, you’ll see stuff about skimboarding, recent sessions, lifestyle, random photos, and way more. This is a shot that Andre from Skimbrasil took a couple months ago and it’s just a little taste of how good the waves are gonna get this summer. Yes, it’s almost summer down here !

Caco post 1

And this is a kinda old video of me, edited by Matheus Chiabi.

Lucas Gomes Minimovie 2010 from skimbrasil/zonaskim on Vimeo.

So, I hope you guys like my blog ! and let me know if you have any suggestions ! Yeeewwwwwww !!!!!!
PS: This !

TAC – More hand drawn hats coming….

Ive been sitting in my house for nearly 2 days, and im going crazy…. This injury has got to go, i cannot wait to be done with this. On a good note, I have a new tshirt design coming and heres a new hand drawn hat ive been working on throughout the last week, almost done.

TAC - Hand Drawn Hats by Ben Koscielniak

TAC – The Groms stopped by….

TAC’s very own, Nate Linford & Gueorgui Gueorguiev stopped by and paid me a little visit this week. I wanted to get them hooked up with a couple new tees and hangout with Nate before he left for college, yew! Not only did we watch the 80’s classic “Thrashin” but we snapped a few photos for the site in their new gear. Excited to get some new gear rolling, checkout Gueorgui in a sneak peak tee below.

TAC - Gueorgui Geueorguiev

…..and Nate, posing.
TAC Nate Linford

TAC Nate Linford

Our Boy, Cheyne Pearson

Our boy, Cheyne Pearson, has been ripping it in the surf world. This kid has got some talent.

Keep an eye out for news on Cheyne. He’s goin’ places.

Photos by: Nick Borelli

26th Ave. Skim Seshhhh

I got a call the other day from none other than The Ben K. He told me he was going out to 26th Ave for a little skim sesh after work and wondered if I was free to snap some pics. I had never shot skim photos before…Obvies I wanted to try it out.

I cruised over and met up with Ben. Snapped some pics. Got a few decent ones for my first time around.

Definitely going back out in the near future to get some more.

Enjoy these for now.

Keep it real,