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Fresh Friday sketch #???

Posted By: Ben

| Mar 20, 2015

Its been awhile since we've posted a "Fresh Friday Sketch", here you go, happy Friday!

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New threads and new website coming soon...

Posted By: Ben

| Oct 19, 2014

Been working away at some new art, new designs and a whole bunch of stuff. Looking forward to dropping some new gear! Here is a preview of one of our newest hoodies, hope ya digg!

TAC - Chompnbones Hoody
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TAC presents the second annual SKIMBLAST!

Posted By: Ben

| Sep 10, 2014

Really blowing it on posting this, as we are putting the entire contest on and sponsoring it, derrr.. Anyways, please, if you are in the area and want to come check out some top notch skimboarding and hangout in the sun while listening to killer tunes, then come down to 26th ave beach this weekend, September 13 - 14. Hope to see everyone there, and looking forward to another GREAT event! If you are looking to enter the event or just want more info, visit our mini site here

TAC Skimblast 2014
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Pulse Skim Mag!!!

Posted By: Ben

| Aug 13, 2014

The newest Pulse Skim Mag dropped monday morning and schwacked users in the face with another publication of tons of killer skim photos and stories. I was also personally stoked to see them use a photo of me bashing a lip down at third ave on July 5th 2014 (photo: Ben Hintz). Take a look, read, admire, like it, because I do. This is only their second issue and its already apparent they wont be slowing down anytime soon. Enjoy:

TAC Apparel Ben Koscielniak Pulse Skim Magazine
Photo: Ben Hintz
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Sup dawwwwg

Posted By: Ben

| Apr 11, 2014

Been cranking away at a lot of new art these days, trying to get those creative juices flowing. A little sketch I worked up last night.

TAC Fish
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