Austin Smith-Ford

Surfing Extraordinaire

We have been trying to get ASF on the team for the better part of 10 years, his talent, attitude and hard working mentality make him more than a perfect fit for TAC. Joining the team right when Covid hit, things were a little tricky but non-the-less Austin sent it all summer and proved even more why he is the man. A household name in Santa Cruz, ASF has been on more covers than any other surfer from SC. Getting his first cover in his teens on SURFER, then TRANSWORLD, the guy kills it. His style is one to try and mimic and his airs are flawless. He is also known to charge some pretty heavy waves, from northern CA, to MEX and Hawaii. Austin is a true legend and badass, couldn't be more stoked to have him on the team and we absolutely look forward to supporting him through all his future tubes.

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