Dedicated to imaginative art & innovative design, we are a clothing brand from Santa Cruz, Ca

The origin of TAC dates back over two decades ago when a group of groms became buddies down at Seabright Beach (aka Third Ave Beach in Santa Cruz, Ca). Growing up on third ave and in the area got us into skating, skimboarding, surfing, and just about anything else that incorporates a board. Inspired by our heroes, and driven by a desire to continually push the limits, we prided ourselves on our aggressive style (surf, skate, skim, snow, wake, dirt, whatever...) and general ridiculousness.

Recognizing the unique nature of our break and the friendships that it made possible, Ben K. put pen to paper and tried to capture the spirit of those early days, and propel that spirit forward. Today we are stoked to have so many talented artists and riders contributing to this unique project! We can't wait to see what the future has in store.

Likely acronyms for TAC

Create More, Worry Less.

Spawned by an insatiable will to create, TAC is dedicated to imaginative art and innovative design. We are inspired by the activities we live for and the friendships that result. TAC is not interested in local BS, or petty drama. Instead we strive to live life the way it should be lived – with passion and joy. Our measure of success is based on how well we encourage others to do the same. Word.

We silkscreen all our shirts by hand here in Santa Cruz, Ca...

TAC encourages you to buy Local! All TAC shirts are screen printed here in the US. All orders are shipped promptly. All custom hats are designed with care and precision. TAC is truly a labor of love. So enjoy the goods and enjoy the day!

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