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Happy New Year and Welcome back to the TAC blog. Its been awhile…

It is a new year, so why not a new TAC? Haven’t been taking the time to update this bad boy but the time has come. So much has happened over the last year, 2020. It had its ups and we all know about the downs. TAC had some major UP’s though to say the least. Number one, we added our favorite surfer to the team Austin Smith-Ford @austinmeetsworld. Added many new products and even changed out look quite a bit.

What else? Our very first lookbook dropped, first ever beanies, socks, the list just goes on and so much more on the list for the future.

So here’s to 2021, wishing the very best to all <3

TAC – The Sixth Annual TAC Skimblast!

What a weekend! We want to give a huge congratulations to Lucas Fink @lucasfinkrj and Kelsey Bloome @kelseybloome for winning the Pro Men division and Pro Women division respectively. Lucas was on fire every heat and he battled it out against Blair Conklin in the Semi and Sam Stinnett in the final. Kelsey also beat out a stacked final round to take home the win. The competition this event was as close as we’ve ever seen it. Can’t wait to see all the competitors back next year on June 29, 2019.

Pro Men:
1 – Lucas Fink @lucasfinkrj
2 – Sam Stinnett @stinnett92
3 – Blair Conklin @blairconklin
4 – Austin Keen @austinkeen47
5 – Tim Fulton @timfults
6 – David Haefele @davidhayflee

Pro Women:
1 – Kelsey Bloome @kelseybloome
2 – Amber Torrealba @ambertorrealba
3 – Alexandra Badie @asurfergirl
4 – Mariko Westbrook @rikowestbrook

The Sixth Annual TAC Skimblast - Ben Koscielniak

The Sixth Annual TAC Skimblast - Ladies Pro Winners

The Sixth Annual TAC Skimblast - Mens Pro Winners

TAC – Location series and more…

Pretty damn amped to finally have some new art finished for our location series stickers (and tshirts on the way!) we finally just got our Steamer Lane stickers done. I’ve worked for weeks and weeks to perfect this artwork and dial everythign in for each piece, we are finally here and I couldn’t be more stoked to share with everyone. Today I dropped the new Steamer Lane stickers off at Pacific Wave Boardshop and Dekes Market, look for all our stickers and tshirts (etc) at many more locations very soon.

TAC Apparel Company Steamer Lane Santa Cruz Stickers

TAC Apparel Company Midtown Santa Cruz Stickers

TAC Apparel Company Seabright Beach Santa Cruz Stickers

TAC Apparel Company Pleasure Point Santa Cruz Stickers

TAC – Cruzin’ since 1982

Just in case you were wondering…

TAC – Skimblast 2018!!!

Holy smokes, time flies… its nearly that time again, getting ready for the 6th Annual TAC Skimblast! Crazy we are already rocking our sixth year with the event, each year just gets better.

This year we are really switching things up, we will be holding the event in June for the first time ever. After years and years of seeing prime skim conditions come to Santa Cruz in June, we’ve made the decision to give it a shot. The last few years some really good south swell hit during the middle of June so we are very optimistic there will not only be killer sand, but good swell. The event will also continue at Seabright Beach.

Another first, the contest will be a ONE day event only. Amateur heats will run promptly starting at 8 and finishing sometime in the early afternoon. Professional heats will then begin in the afternoon and finish at dark. We will then hold the awards ceremony by a bon fire. Really looking forward to this, mark your calendars and make reservations now for hotels, etc.

Stay tuned for more info.

TAC – Location illustrations

We have been working on some rad illustrations to highlight some of our favorite breaks in Santa Cruz, Ca. Still a few to make but pretty happy with the way these ones turned out so far! Pick them up in our online store now! Midtown stickers are currently available at Pacific Wave Boardshop here in Santa Cruz, Pleasure Point and Seabright beach will be available after tomorrow. Stay tuned.

TAC – Cruzin’ Patch Snapback!

We have been working on this hat for a couple months, making tweaks, adjusting the design… Well, here it is, and you could say we are pretty excited about it.

TAC – New Magnets!

Church up your fridge with our one of a kind custom magnets, up for sale now in our online store. FREE stickers with every TAC purchase.

TAC – Turkey Shoot Out!

Pretty stoked to join forces with Surf School Santa Cruz this year and be apart of the first annual Turkey Shoot Out! TAC artist Ben Koscielniak hammered out the artwork for this years event, come by and say hi, we will be hanging out on saturday slanging goodies, handing out stickers and keeping it real.

TAC Skimblast 2017!!!

Still frothing on the recent TAC Skimblast, even more psyched on the edit our buddy @loub747 put together of the event. Take a watch and get ready for next years event:

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