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so rad…

Joey Pasquali in the Rolex Miami OCR’s

Joey Pasquali and his crew Rory Giffen are in Miami Fl, currently racing against 36 other boats in the Miami OCR’s. They have just completed the 2nd day, but need a bit of a jump start. This is a huge race, and we wish them the best of luck, check out the action in this killer photo.


Do you have your TAC Hella stickers? you should if you dont, email us and maybe we’ll send you some 😉

Rob Gee from Sacramento has some.

Deer in the headlights?

thanks heath!

Just the good ol boys…

Holy Weather!

Its official, El Nino is here and with some sort of aggression. It has been rainy for several days, and we have had some hectic thunder and lightning. Stoked to know that there is a shit ton of snow dumping up in tahoe, and personally cant wait for some freeeeesheees.

Here in Santa Cruz there are several spots where the road meets the sand, which also means on a stormy/high tide/swell the road meets the ocean. Our boy james sent in some photos just now of yesterdays chaos at 26th ave beach….check em out!

26th ave beach during hectic santa cruz el nino storm

Ocean meets the beach at 26th ave


We have had tons of requests for TAC girls clothing, so ive been putting the pen to the pad trying to come up with some killer designs. Spent a good couple hours last night and came up with a sweet lil illustration for some booty shorts and also something to come is another mens chomper shirt, so here is a rough idea…hope you like it.


Another Mario vid, just killing it

Check it, mario shreding the gnar in milwaukee…enjoy.

mario skating

MARIO | MySpace Video

Death Metal Cock!


yer boy woody

Gawd, really going for it with the videos…