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New TAC paper

Heres a new tac wallpaper for yall, start the week fresh…

TAC - be easy

Santa Cruz Surf & Skate

If you live in or near santa cruz, take a visit to our boys at SC Surf & Skate. There will be live music and free drinks from Activate. TACWord.
TAC - Live music at santa cruz surf and skate

We have our winner!

Thanks for everyone who sent in your responses for the free hat. Only took about 5 minutes before our boy Brett got it! Thanks Brett, hope you dig your new hat…Stay posted for more killer TAC givaways.

Its friday, why the heck not?

Typical friday over here at the TAC space…A 5:30 beer crack, with a music crank of the volume and we’re set for the weekend. One thing exciting for us to note, our boys from canada are gonna pay us a little visit…and our favorite hockey team is hopefully going to win on saturday. I know this all sounds really amazing, but the most amazing part ever is that we are going to give away a free custom drawn hat, yes truly amazing. The first person to locate and place the tac sticker in this photo wins the hat also in the photo…no strings attached, we’ll pack it up and send it out with some stickies. So you tell us, email us for your find here on our trusty contact form. The winner will be notified via email so make sure you leave it!(Please be specific about placement of the sticker!)


Wallpaper of the Week

Things have been crazy around here as usual. Big thangs happenin, what can i say..ha! I recently noticed that I hadn’t made a new wallpaper for ya’ll in quite some time. Since i have the “weekly paper” right here on the homepage, neglecting to make a new one made me instantly feel pretty dumb. So I took one of our previous “Fresh Friday Sketches” and turned it into a paper. Just to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, i would like everyone to know that I as well have this custom wallpaper on my TAC MAC (just made that up!). So without further adu:

TAC - Wallpaper of the Week

Available here

Red headed and angry!

Lance Dettle, shreding

New photo of our main man Lance Dettle, way over in Hawaii sporting TAC and shreding. word.

TAC Apparel - Lance Dettle

Fresh Friday Sketch…

In the mix, a little late on this beautiful friday…but here you go

Bearded - TAC

Gears are spinnin…

More TAC artwork for your viewing pleasure…
tac - in the clouds

Fresh Friday Sketch…

Here’s this weeks sketch, bam! have an awesome weekend yall!

TAC Sea Horsey