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TAC-We grinded some major hunger, got real, and went big…

Super pumped after today’s 1st Annual Grind Out Hunger Skate-A-thon. We had a blast! The rain came, and went…then, it came again, we were shuffling those ramps around like we were playing musical chairs, it got weird. But, never fret, the sun came a shining, and the ground dried up. Thanks to all the groms who stayed strong and hung out, we had a great set of ramps….Great sponsors, great event.

This hippy grom was really killing it all day, i was a bit weary obviously, i mean he was wearing a tie die shirt…haha.Tac Apparel Company - Grind Out Hunger, Second Harvest Food Bank 1st Annual Skate-A-thon

That right there is the “Jesse death wall”, I dont know who Jesse is, or why its named after him, but i assume he is a badass who did something absolutely retarded.TAC Apparel Company

More groms getting sick with it…TAC Apparel Company - Skate-A-thon

The Watsonville Fire Department hung out all day…doing their thing.TAC Apparel Company - Grind Out Hunger TAC

Here is the Pipe O’ Hunger, i dont know if thats officially the name of it, but works for now. Notice the small TAC sticker 🙂TAC Apparel Company - Pipe Of Hunger

all the peeps hanging out enjoying the skate.TAC Apparel Company - Skate-A-thon Crowd

TAC Apparel Company

Here is the grand prize for the raffle, we also raffled off some of the sweet new TAC gear…TAC Apparel Company - Grind Out Hunger Skate-A-thon Grand Prize

Big thanks to all who helped out, stoked we could be apart of such a rad event! Third Ave Crew - Grommet close up

yewwww! ~TAC

TAC – ThirdAveCrew Fresh Friday Sketch Yo!

I posted this earlier on our Facebook page, got away from it for awhile, came back and made some tweaks…I think its done now.

TAC - Thirdavecrew script

TAC-Gentlemen of Japan

My good friend Jon’s band, Gentlemen of Japan is just realeasing their newest album, Verses Utah. If you digg Jimmy Eat World or something around that style you will definitely like these guys. Jon(guit/vocs & Kem(drums) previously played in Time Spent Driving, another great band worth listening too. take a sec and check these guys out!

TAC – Some older skimmy footy by Geoff!

My boy Geoff not only just pre-ordered his new “Time to Hunt” Tee, but he also sent in this sweet little video from about 5 years ago. Its just a few clips of me and Chris Alreck, skimming in santa cruz and downsouth, check it!

TAC – Shoots cuz, its Lance Dettle bra…

YO!!! Our boy Lance Dettle just sent in this little video, pretty sick little skim spot in Hawaii, check it:

lost incentives… from O.T.R. on Vimeo.


TAC – Grind Out Hunger and Rotary Interact hold the 1st Annual Skate-a-thon!

Grind Out Hunger & The Rotarty Interact are holding the first ever Skate-a-thon at Twin Lakes Church in Santa Cruz. We at TAC are very proud to be apart of this event and really look forward to it. Check out for more info and we hope to see you there!

TAC Apparel Company - 1st Annual Grind Out Hunger Skate-a-thon!

TAC – Skiminvasion Interview

Recently Teddy from the blog “So Pitted” asked me a few questions about TAC. Teddy’s blog is also apart of Skim Invasion, a “Hub” for skimboarding and things that go on within the skim community. Its a nice looking site and has useful info if you are a skimmer. Head on over and check it out!

TAC Apparel own Ben Koscielniak gets interviewed by Teddy Parker

TAC – Belated Fresh Friday Sketch…

Didn’t get a chance to finish this up yesterday, hope you enjoy…

TAC Apparel Company - Fresh Friday Sketch - October 1st 2010