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TAC – Time Spent Driving….

One of my favorite bands, and good friends, Time Spent Driving are playing at the Crepe Place here in Santa Cruz on Saturday March 10th. They are joining up with another really cool band Happy Body Slow Brain, and i couldn’t be more stoked to see this show. Come out and chill with the TAC crew as we’ll be there listening to some killer music and having a few, beers.

TAC Time Spent Driving & Happy Body Slow Brain

Sup now Lucas


Made this little drawing, using the classic sharpies, as a test on my board … Turned out alright 🙂
post 6
PS: Summer has been loads of fun !

TAC- Aaron Wical, riding the elevator, smooth jazz…..

my main man, Aaron Wical, here he is, again:

Kodak Disposables Pt. 5

Le grand finale

Lucas at crowded Ipanema

Lucas and Matheus arriving in Itacoatiara

Lucas butt

Lucas at Vidigal sider

Vidigal again…

Fuckin’ Lucas…

TAC – Back on my bike and pretty stoked about it.

Got back on my bike for a few mountain bike rides over the weekend, had to also utilize my new GoPro! Check it:

Kodak Disposables Pt.4

Second to last part.

Leblon, Ipanema and Arpoador by the end.

Lucas running for his life

Vidigal beach, slums behind the expensive hotel…contrast at its finest.

Lucas at Ipanema

Sleepy Matheus at Itacoatiara.

One of my favorites, Lucas at Itacoatiara

Last part tomorrow, come back for a treat

Kodak Disposables Pt. 3

14 photos to go…

I like this one, is funny.

Jennifer, the killer whale, and I in a special moment

A bum sleeping in Vidigal

Lucas Fink at SSS- Short Steps sider…kinda working.

Now 10 photos left, check back tomorrow…or don’t.

Kodak Disposables Pt. 2

Without further adieu, here’s part 2 of my Kodak Disposables series. Every camera comes with 27 frames.

On the way to Itacoatiara we have to pay 4,30 reais to the toll.

SkimBrasil‘s photographer, driver, handyman Andre Magarao getting mugged – (4,30 reais is outrageous).

Lucas and Caco, in the back, getting shacked at Pedrinha

Sammy Fink at Short Steps sider.

TAC – Post #270, Mario Sandoval Getting in There….