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Curitiba Pt.2

high as a kite

soy strange


Curitiba is the capital of Paraná state, no beaches, no shorelines. Since I’m on vacations, I went there recently to skate, see new people, new places and hang out with a few friends.

More tomorrow or sometime soon

TAC – da derp dee derp da teetley derpee derpee dumb

Love this clip:

TAC – Kelly continues to be my hero, going on like 25 years, sheesh.

As I approach my 30th bday (july 19th, please send gifts), you start to feel a bit old, I mean shit, ive been young my whole life. You start to think maybe things aren’t worth spending time on as if you are giving up. This year was especially tough for me as im still recovering from a broken leg and dislocated ankle. Anyways, check out Slater murding the best and hands down the staple for a 360 air, abosolutely ridiculous how good he is.

Kelly’s Ten from Waves Magazine on Vimeo.

TAC – 301th post, dang son

Whats going on?! Things have definitely taken a turn for us lately as we haven’t been able to get our summer line off the ground. Why you ask? Well, lots different reasons, good news is, eventually here soon, we should have our online store back up and running (we haven’t been accepting online orders), we will hopefully also have our new hats made and up for sale. Things to take note of since we’ve been out and about: Team Rider Bernie “Bryan Lake” has taken the standings in Kite Board racing and is now ranked #1! We are super stoked for Bernie, and even more stoked to have him on the team! Go Faster Bernie!!! Our Sample Sale went killer and we sold a ton of gear, if you were lucky, you picked up one of our newest shirts, “The Gremlin”. The skate groms, Gueorgui, Nate, Aaron and Dougie have been at it as usual, and Pro rider Bud Freitas is ramping up for some killer summer Surf School camps. The nature of the beast, is that we most likely will not have much for new gear this summer, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that something will turn up for a solid fall/winter line. Thanks to all who keep supporting us, you are the only reason we keep doing this!

TAC Apparel - Bryan Lake 1st place!

TAC – What would we do without our team riders, especially Guilherme.