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TAC – Beached Seal…

Went down the jetty this evening to catch the last glimpse of the sun as it set. Wouldn’t ya know it, there was a seal hangin out on the beach. In my experience, Ive never seen one beach itself at third and not be sick or something, maybe injured. Anyways, hopefully its not that, maybe he was just kickin it enjoying the sunset like me.

TAC Apparel Company - Arching Seal

This dude thought he could get up in the grill, our buddy wasn’t into it as you can see
TAC Apparel Company - Runaway

TAC Apparel Company - Seal and the lighthouse

I need some new bearings, this skate has seen its day
TAC Apparel Company - Broken down tac skate

TAC – James takes a little spill

Went for a ride at delaveaga this weekend, been toying around trying stuff, practicing to make a video. When you are filming, and you are lucky enough to catch a great moment on film, you just gotta share it. Even if it is at someone elses expense. Sorry James, but this is hilarious, enjoy:

TAC – NYE 2013

got some fun photos on new years this year, yeeehaw.

tac apparel company

tac apparel company

tac apparel company

tac apparel company

tac apparel company

TAC – The Brazil Kids

Our boys down in Brazil are holding strong and f@#king ripping! Check out this video they are in, talking about their skimboarding experience down in Rio… and go to 12:01 to see Guilherme rocking a TAC hat! Yew, thanks guys!

TAC – Miguel

One of our good buddies Miguel( has been on a photo rampage these days, quickly learning the ropes and becoming a badass photographer. Check him sportin TAC on his water housing:

TAC - Sand Spit Photography

TAC - Sand Spit Photography

TAC – Lord of the Wind

Stoked to hear both team riders Bryan Lake & Joey Pasquali finished in the top 3 down in Baja at the Lord of the Wind showdown. Congrats guys, and as always thanks for supporting TAC and glad we can support you! yew!

Joey Claiming his 3rd place victory:
TAC - Joey Pasquali Third Place

Heres Bernie rockin 1st, Go Bernie!!!
TAC - Bernie wins the Lord of the Wind

TAC – My main man Bud

I was stoked to go kick it with my main man Bud Freitas tonight. We were accompanied by our other main man, Cole Kerby. Grabbed a bite to eat, talked shop, and you know the rest. We haven’t had too many photos and updates of Bud during his tenure as the first professional surfer to ride for TAC, but im hoping we will go snap some footy this week.

TAC Apparel Company - Bud Freitas

TAC Apparel Company - Bud Freitas

TAC Apparel Company - Bud Freitas

TAC Apparel Company - Bud Freitas

TAC Apparel Company - Bud Freitas

TAC Apparel Company - Bud Freitas

TAC – Capn’ Squeek in Mexieco! Yew! Part Duex

more photos continue to come in from mexeeeeco, here’s Johnny Heineken and team rider Joey Pasquali in the background.

Tac Joey Pasquali and John Heineken

TAC – Capn’ Squeek in Mexieco! Yew!

Team rider and pro Kite Boarder Joey Pasquali is down in Baja right now, getting ready for a huge kiteboard event. Lets root him on! He will be taking on team rider and world champ Bryan “Berie” Lake. Go team!

TAC Joey Pasquali


Mexico Sunset, by Harriet Quigley

TAC – Aaron Wical, skater profile

Aaron Wical has been on the team for awhile now, and he reigns as one of our top skaters, see why he rides for us, and show Aaron some love, yew!