Red Birds and Hefty Breakfast’s

Posted By: Ben

| February 23rd, 2010

Things have been a bit slow around here, i personally just got back from a lil vaca in maui…(business trip 🙂 )…Put up a crap load of stickers up as usual, so if you go to maui and see a tac sticker there is a great chance i(benk)put it up. On our second morning we had the most insane breakfast at this place in napili, banana nut pancakes…here’s lisa gettin em all ready to go


heres a closeup

while we were enjoying our insane stack of cakes we had a visitor
tac bird

Definitely not camera shy! tac bird

Heres a creepy spider just for kicks
tac spider

All in all maui was killer, got some good waves, good food, a little bit of sun….and a lot of drinks! All of which will be soaked up as good inspiration for some new TAC art…

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