TAC – California dreamin’

Posted By: Ben

| June 13th, 2016

Some new art in the works:

TAC – Never too many tubes

Posted By: Ben

| April 19th, 2016

Lots of art has been happening over here, take a look at what we’ve been up too:

Never too many tubes

TAC – Senor Frothington

Posted By: Ben

| January 21st, 2016

Some new art for your viewing pleasure – follow us on instagram for more stuff like this on the reg.

TAC – New stickers, bra.

Posted By: Ben

| December 28th, 2015

We’ve been keepin at it, working on some new art and making some new stickers. Some new tees on tap for the new year too, so stay posted!

tac apparel fish stickers

tac apparel kook stickers

tac apparel shark attack stickers

tac apparel pineapple

TAC Skimblast – This Weekend!!!

Posted By: Ben

| July 31st, 2015

Come one, come all and if you haven’t signed up yet, then please do so by clicking the image below (sign ups end at 5pm July 31st):

TAC Skimblast, go sign up now!

Posted By: Ben

| July 15th, 2015

The website for the upcoming TAC SKIMBLAST has been launched, find out more and sign up now!

Click the image below to visit the site:

TAC – New duds comin

Posted By: Ben

| June 2nd, 2015

Ive been hammering out artwork left and right over the past few months and having a lot of fun with it. Stoked that now after completing so many pieces, I now have some killer stuff for new TAC tees! Take a look a the below snaps of some of our new stuff and dont forget to follow us on instagram.

TAC – Old Ads from over the years…

Posted By: Ben

| May 21st, 2015

This TAC Apparel thing has been quite the ride, from making our first stickers, to our very first shirts… Shit, at one point it was just a joke and a thought. Proof that you can turn nothing into something.

I came across some old Ads we ran throughout the years this morning and it was really cool reflecting on all the things that have happened to get us here. In general I find myself hating just about everything and sigh at some of the design choices, but hey I’m an artist, what do you expect. As we slowly get TAC back on track to a working, living and breathing company again its good to checkout what has brought us here, hopefully even trigger some new ideas. Anyways, take a look at some of these old masterpieces, hope you enjoy:

The Beach Go’er series. Our good buddy showed up and rocked the shit out of this hat and inner tube one sunny day down at 26th ave beach here in Santa Cruz:

TAC Apparel - Old ADS

This was the very first ad we ever ran in Foreverskim magazine. Still my favorite next to the beach go’er stuff

TAC Apparel - Old ADS

Here is myself getting tubed at 26th. Another example of our minimal design and cryptic messaging

TAC Apparel - Old ADS

Brahdda Lance Dettle was featured in this AD for vagrant magazine, not sure what year?

TAC Apparel - Old ADS

One of TAC’s originals, Dan Turner slicing one off the top at third ave

TAC Apparel - Old ADS

Not 100% sure if we ran this AD of Joey Pasquali anywhere, but this sequence will remain one of my all time favorites. Joey was one of the original people to kite board on a skimboard and really take it to the next level.

TAC Apparel - Old ADS

Finally another Foreverskim Ad, featuring myself. Not sure what year this was published either.

TAC Apparel - Old ADS

TAC – SKimblast 2015 Presented By TAC Apparel Company

Posted By: Ben

| April 30th, 2015

A little preview of the artwork for the 2015 TAC Skimblast. This years event will be held a month early, August 1st & 2nd – mark your calendars and get your rocky training regimen going. This will be our third annual and we are pumped to throw another killer event. Even more pumped to have the contest earlier before the beach turns into the megadeath rock pit. The contest is Pro-Am and will be held at 26th ave beach here in santa cruz. We will also have a ladies division as well as old farts like the past two years. Come one come all, looking forward to seeing everyone there. Yew.

Fresh Friday sketch #???

Posted By: Ben

| March 20th, 2015

Its been awhile since we’ve posted a “Fresh Friday Sketch”, here you go, happy Friday!